Amber Logan

Born in Winnipeg in 1980, Amber Logan wrote poetry continuously from the age of eight, and only started painting about ten years ago. Meanwhile, she has advocated for mental health services, earned a degree in psychology, and worked at a wide range of social and community agencies, including Child & Family Services. She plans to continue her career helping others. But she has always loved fashion and colour, and so was inspired by seeing the vibrant work of local artists in the Exchange District. 

Amber currently uses sponges and roller brushes, applying acrylic on board to create an eclectic range of colourful, decorative pieces that privilege fields of colour ahead of shape or line. She says she uses colours symbolically or to create a mood. “Every piece is different. I’m really drawn to colour, and I like producing abstract work, because it gives the viewer a chance to see what they want to see,” she adds. “At the same time, I’m thinking about branching out beyond pure abstraction.” 

“I have a wicked, bizarre sense of humour and march to the beat of my own drum,” says Amber. “Creating art relaxes me and keeps me balanced. While painting, I’m in my own little world: happy and hopeful. And Artbeat has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has developed me both creatively and personally,” she adds. “The other artists have inspired me, and I’ve never felt more welcome. I definitely plan to keep my connection with Artbeat.”  

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