Savannah Kochie

Savannah Kochie, known to her friends as “Sav,” was born in Winnipeg in 1997. She has been interested
in art and art materials since the age of three, when she started drawing abstract designs in pencil. She
briefly experimented with realistic drawing in high school, where she spent most of her free time in the
art room. Savannah eventually returned to abstraction and added painting and etching to her skills.
She currently works in acrylic on canvas and paper, and sometimes uses alcohol-ink based markers
and oil pastels. The viewer notices small figures, often animals or ‘alien’ forms, on a background. Sav
says she incorporates messages about her perceptions of love, friendship, relationships, alienation, and
light in the context of surrounding darkness. She says she feels best connected with nature, which
influences and calibrates her. “Society moves so fast that we each leave no more than a footprint,” Sav
says. “Art is something that’s second nature to me. It’s therapeutic and makes me happy because for
me, it’s the easiest way to convey my perspective on my life and the way I view the world. Sometimes
I plan out my projects and other times I work spontaneously – but most of the time it’s a combination
of the two ways of working.”

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