Ron Manrovich

Ron E. Manrovich, born in Winnipeg in 1963, graduated in Commercial Art from R B Russell School. His favourite job was at an art supply store. Ron started digital photography seriously at age 45, taking care to learn from seeing the digital image in real time. Publications by Florida photographer Scott Kelby convinced Ron to acquire the best possible equipment: he currently prefers the Canon T3i. Ron also admires Freeman Patterson, Bryan Peterson, the Group of Seven, and the Impressionists. He now regularly kayaks on the Seine River to find subjects; he has an affinity with wildlife and an abiding appreciation of nature because, he says, it quiets his ‘internal chatter.’ “So I combine photography with meditation, prayer, and mindfulness in the moment,” he says.
Ron describes his work as ‘painting with colour.” He collects old glass, and uses it like a filter to achieve a painterly, slightly distorted look. He also uses water as a reflector, and clouds, and modifies images using software such as Corel Painter to turn photos into paintings. Yet Ron strives for images that most people can identify. “I try to achieve focus, sensitivity on a different level than the usual, to appreciate beauty in original ways,” Ron says. “Others say they can identify my personal style,” he adds, “but I think it’s good that I can’t see it.”

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