Rhianne Favelle

Born in Winnipeg in 1984, Rhianne Favelle started making art as a child. She got serious when she took
graphic design at Red River College. She started painting and later took digital media and designed
vinyl signs. She broadened her knowledge with courses in screen printing at the Martha Street Studio, in
multimedia and acrylic at the WAG, and art history at the University of Winnipeg. She keeps numerous
sketchbooks and maintains a website. She has travelled to Thailand and around Western Canada
and California. Rhianne identifies as Indigenous, and, she says, “to keep the culture current and rolling
forward, I remain open to eclectic influences.” She has been inspired by the designs of Miró, Klee,
Kandinsky, and Hundertwasser – and she loves 1800s crazy quilts; graffiti and colour; and geometric
designs along with organic shapes like amoebae. Oceans, runes, pre-Colombian Indigenous images,
and oms, all with pre-historic and religious overtones, abound in her work. She currently does textile
art: screen prints on t-shirts, patches, and bandannas; but she also works in acrylic and with oil-paint
Rhianne is interested in hiking, agriculture, food politics, and the back-to-the-land movement. She
likes interacting with people around the world, but “with the internet coming through the walls, there’s
no privacy. Art, on the other hand, is meditative for me. While making art, I can sort out my ideas and
achieve clarity.”

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