Lynn Krivak

Winnipeg’s Lynn Krivak has been drawing, painting, photographing, and sculpting ceramics seriously for 46 years. Though she collects art books and reveres the Old Masters among others, she is mostly self-taught. She was a Registered Medical Lab Technologist, and this experience practised the steady hands needed for ambidextrous coordination at the pottery wheel. She has also volunteered with Community Living Winnipeg and other organizations, which she says developed her perspective on the importance of compassion and empathy, including a strong desire to share her skills with others at venues like Studio Central.
Lynn currently produces works in an extraordinarily wide range of media: oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas; cold wax and oil on birch panels; watercolour and chalk pastel on paper; alcohol ink on canvas, yupo paper, tile, and glass; and linocut prints. She also makes both functional wheel-thrown pottery and hand-built clay sculpture including raku. Her painting is mostly made up of expressive portraits but also includes some abstract work. “My art is not primarily focused on pleasing the viewer, but rather on my own process that puts me in a zone and makes me feel good,” says Lynn. “I like to set challenges for myself; I’m dedicated to perfection and sometimes work 10-15 hours at a stretch. Every scene I look at stimulates my passion to do more art.”

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