Lora Roberts

Lora Roberts was born in Winnipeg in 1990, and says she has been doing art since she could sit up and hold a paintbrush. She went on to draw anime and fantasy characters. Her mother made dollhouses and her father builds plastic models of military hardware. Curiously, since about 2007, Lora herself has focused on making miniatures out of hand-sculpted and baked polymer clay painted with acrylics. Sometimes she affixes these on abstract paintings to create a multi-media collage; other items are turned into jewelry. Her style is humorous and reminiscent of pop art. Not surprisingly, she takes Andy Warhol as her inspiration, but she is also fascinated with animation by Disney and by Hayao Miyazaki. A would-be pastry chef, she has chosen food – from apples to zucchini – as her exclusive subject. Food, she says, has unlimited range, is universally enjoyed, provides comfort, and stands for the social interactions with family and friends which surround its consumption. It’s fun to see it in a tiny, realistic miniature. “Food is something I have no negative relationship with,” she says. “In fact, I embrace who I am, as a person who fully enjoys the staff of life.” Lora says art has been her greatest joy all through life. It can work as an escape, brightening an otherwise mediocre day. She’d like to share her techniques by teaching workshops or starting a YouTube channel. “I’m very meticulous and professional about my work,” she adds. “I’d like to be able to commercialize it someday.”

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