L.J. Anderson

LJ Anderson, born in Winnipeg in 1990, has been drawing since she could hold a utensil, and has been doing art seriously for the last ten years. She says she has inherited from her grandfather a tendency to see people and objects analytically and schematically, that is, in the shape of an internal system, anatomy, gesture, posture, or construction. When she worked in security, she was good at seeing patterns while monitoring 52 cameras at a time. Although her special perceptual abilities can be distracting in daily life, she puts them to good use in her art. She practices drawing daily with the commitment of an athlete. She studied fine arts – and admires Da Vinci sketches, the drawings of Kim Jung Gi, and the graphic novels of Shiro Miwa – but prefers to work outside the academic box, and so is largely self-taught. Until recently she taught a drawing class, for which she used an anatomy-based textbook she authored herself. LJ represents subjects using mixed media, including watercolour, Copic markers, and acrylic on paper and canvas – generally with a painterly realism. These subjects suggest social issues such as human rights, the ecology, and eating disorders. “I use art as an outlet to discuss things it’s hard to talk about, or as a conversation starter on taboo issues,” LJ says. “I can draw most things in 30 seconds.” She says she is supportive and positive towards others, and has a dark sense of humour most people seem to appreciate. photo by Jo

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