Kathleen Shellrude

Kathleen Shellrude was born in Winnipeg in 1976 and graduated from the U of W in 2005, after which
she taught on several continents and worked with street-involved women. Refreshingly self-taught, hers
is the oldest of stories - validation of beauty lived - her journey through addiction, depression, and
homelessness and coming out the other side.
The glazes she pours are star struck and veneer, their translucence yielding beauty and magic. The inks
both scribe and smear. Her structural work with porcelain and common clays is alchemy in motion, in
your hand - meditative textural repose. Building the depth in to each painting is her private healing
journey. The images and the company they provide will guide and orient, a saga of the messy work of
the thaw of her soul’s essence.

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