Elliana -

Selkirk-born Elliana has been drawing and making textile art since grade-school. In university, she took clothing and textile design in Human Ecology, with a minor in Fine Arts. She later worked in IT and banking and earned diplomas in database management and program analysis. Now Elliiana weaves and places legal “yarn-storming” installations (an offshoot of street art using textiles). She takes her knitting with her everywhere as a soothing balm and creative outlet. In addition, she works in ink on tile, acrylic on canvas; watercolour and collage on self-made paper; thrown pottery and hand-built ceramic sculpture including raku; modified found objects, and photography. “Rather than sticking with one medium, I’ve become a multi-media ‘generalist;’ my art takes me out into all directions.” she says. “I ask myself, ‘Should I learn acetylene torch techniques to realize this idea?’ With me, the medium really isn’t the message.”
Elliana represents cartoon-like animals, flowers, and other subjects, sometimes using unusual media to parry the viewer’s expectations and present ideas in new ways. She is capable of creating whimsical mini-worlds that shift the frame and destabilize the usual relationship between audience, characters, and story-line. An example is her series of sock monkeys representing famous artists, with spin-off paintings characteristic of their respective styles. However, Elilana stresses, her whimsy moves outward in a controlled way; nothing is left to chance.

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