Corinne Danard

Corinne Danard was born in Swan River, Manitoba in 1964, where she grew up around greenhouses, gar­dens, and wildflowers. Since childhood, she has been doing art that flows from her close observation of nature. She draws with graphite and coloured pencil and does photography, all focusing on plants and organic matter up close in super detail. Part of her slightly unusual sense of humour involves noticing, and then bringing forward, small obscure details. Corinne has a BFA from the University of Manitoba, with a major in graphic design. She has also taken courses at the Win­nipeg Art Gallery in acrylics, water colour, and Chinese painting – and workshops at PrairieView School of Photog­raphy. “Art is an integral part of me,” she says. “I’m simply compelled to do it.”

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