Christine Girard

Christine Girard, born in Winnipeg in 1990, made cards and other crafts from an early age. When she was 15, her Mum got her started crocheting. Some years later, also with help from her Mum and subsequent learning from YouTube, she expanded her craft to include knitting. She finds traditional patterns on line for such crocheted and knitted classics as towel-toppers and Grandma’s Favourite Dishcloth. “I like to make stuff that is useful,” says Christine, “and I try to do a good job of replicating the traditional patterns. However, she sometimes designs her own patterns or modifies traditional ones to make them simpler and more economical of yarn. Her products include towel rings, coasters, potholders, and Christmas ornaments. She hopes to expand into making other items and also to learn to weave. 

Meanwhile, Christine is a fibre artist with social commitment, who sits on CMHA’s National Youth Advisory Council. Far from profiting monetarily from her fibre art, she has been donating the products of her work to Winnipeg Child and Family Services. Christine adds, “I’m dedicated to this work. It helps direct my mind toward something positive. Whenever I’m sitting, I’ll most likely have a hook or needles in hand.” 

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