Chloe Everly

Chloe Everly, born in Winnipeg in 1981, drew stick figures as a child. Her Grade 1 teacher noticed her
attention to detail and told her mother to “keep her in art.” She took art therapy at Sara Riel, and became
a Certified Health Care Aid, which honed her people-skills and gave her “a better understanding of
what people go through.” She now volunteers as Art Facilitator at the Stroke Recovery Association.
Chloe has diversified her work into acrylic, pen & ink, marker, and mixed media. Her passions are
nature, trees, animals, and the cosmos, done with fantasy elements and some abstraction. She keeps
returning to the theme of the keyhole, which represents a gateway opening into a detailed, almost
microscopic, exploration of different worlds – offering a sense of mystery and open-endedness she sees
as emblematic of her own personality. Meanwhile, Chloe is experimenting with raku sculptures and
other fantasy themes in ceramics.
“I need art as much as it needs me,” Chloe says with a smile. “At Artbeat I have learned so much about
myself and have felt totally connected. My time here has been a spiritual, healing journey. I don’t want
to think of this chapter as closed, but rather as a new beginning.” She adds, “I also need nature and
animals in my life. A studio with a dog feels like an ideal place from which to steer my path.”

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