Angela Beer

Angela Beer, born in Scarborough in 1982, was interested in everything arts related since childhood. She picked up her first piece of charcoal on a family camping trip to draw with, and later moved on to making paintings as presents. In her twenties and thirties, she travelled the world and took workshops in nail art: tiny artworks on people’s nails and nail-tips. She has worked in the beauty industry since 2006 and had her own salon and beauty school for some years. She won the beauty industry’s Canada Cup for Multi-Media Art in 2014 and a gold medal in the “Nailympics” in Italy in 2015.  

Angela says she has been influenced by British artist Tracey Emin’s “deep and heartfelt take on life; I also put a lot of emotional energy into my work,” she adds. She “whitewashes” photos, selectively removing contents to create, for example, images of rooms without personal items – a comment on lost identity and self-betrayal and starting over as a symbol of infinite possibilities to rebuild your story.  

Although Angela’s paintings look beautiful, they often are created from a dark emotional place. It is her way of transforming her deep feelings and experiences into something meaningful. Poetry has become something she has been drawn to recently and uses it to portray her view of relationships with people, society, and with herself. “I experiment with media and techniques to achieve different textures and effects,” she explains. “For me, the need to do art is the same as the need to eat.” 

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