Essence: Artbeat Annual 11

Artist: Artbeat Studio
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Full colour. 48 pages.
Profiled Artists:


Ab9 Elements

Cory Derksen
Ryan Dumadag
Rex Opal-Lynn Gosselin
Diamond Doug Keith
Laurie Mackenzie
Lucy Pavéz
Jacquelyn Stewart
Michael Patrick Turner
Russell Zaretski

Catch 22

Christina Christie
Barby M. Hall
Rika Hawes
Courtney Keno
Lisa Martin
Ryan Nagel
Kailyn Pederson
Sandy Rubinfeld

Artist: Artbeat Studio
Info: available, for sale
Width: 9"
Height: 6"
Depth: 0.25"
Weight: 0.27 lb
Material: Book
Year Created: 2017
Barcode: 00002592